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World Grill Chinatown Marinade 2.5 Litre

Chinatown marinade is a vibrant green colour with the classic Chinese flavour of star anise, fennel, aniseed, cinnamon and liquorice root with additional notes of cloves and pepper coming through


WORLD GRILL oils are liquid seasonings/instant marinades produced from blended omega rich oils, infused with Verstegens finest quality single herbs and spices. With the focus on authentic global flavours you can choose from a wide variety of mouth watering flavours.


As a guide, The typical usage rate is only 3-8% (depending on the application) to the weight of the product it is being applied to, Meaning a little goes a long way. Not only do WORLD GRILLS eliminate the drip loss associated with dry glazes, But they also extend shelf life and keep the eye catching visual appeal for days not minutes.