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Pentel N50 Black Marker Pens

Pentel N50 Bullet Tip Marker Pens in black is perfect for office, business or home use. You can be guaranteed of versatility as this robust permanent marker will write on almost any surface including metal, glass, wood, card and plastic; giving you a variety of ways to use these marker pens.
The tough aluminium barrel on these N50-A marker pens is the number one choice for industry and commerce, giving you a durable marker pen that will last. The waterproof ink dries instantly so no need to worry about any smudging and the vapour sealed cap keeps the ink moist. The bullet tip on these marker pens gives an approx 1.0-2.0mm line width.
Markers are an important way of writing down notices or information that needs to be seen by large amounts of people or for postal requirements and here at the Post Office Shop we have a range of heavy duty Industrial Markers that you may find useful.


1 Pen, 12 Pens