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KP Infinity® 2D Brown Meat & Produce Trays – 500 per pack

These 2D infinity trays are the eco-friendly alternative to the D2 Trays. They are made from fully recyclable materials and are ideal for cold food, hot food, takeaways and delivery of meat produce. Made with expanded Polypropylene these trays can be recycled by the end-user.

Product Details 

The trays are water-resistant and resistant to acid and alkalis. They are strong yet lightweight making them incredibly easy to handle and process. They have thermal protection and are resistant to hot oil and are microwavable.

These fully recyclable trays have a dimension of 178 x 133 x 28mm and are the ideal size for packing and displaying sausages or burgers on.

Each pack contains x500 trays and is very easy to store.

Perfect for commercial use or butchers looking for eco-friendly alternatives.


Product Features

– Product Dimensions: 178 x 133 x 28mm.

– Can be used for Cold Food, Hot Food, Takeaway, Delivery.

– Units in Case: 1 x 500.

– Sustainable Disposal: Recyclable.

– Product Materials: Polypropylene.

– Made With Recycled Materials.

– Can be recycled by the end-user.