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Henry Winning Red & Black Butchers String 500g Kop

Rayon twines have become the twines used regularly by the butchery and associated trades. All of our Rayon twine is food safe and produced in the UK to the highest standards by us, one of Europe’s leading twine manufactures.
Our Butcher Twine is made from first class, high tenacity rayon yarn to produce a thin multi-purpose twine, made from continuous filaments, which gives the twine their considerable strength. Ideal for kitchen use and for meat preparation.
This high quality twine is not only great for tying meat but it is also ideal for wrapping gifts and creating beautiful craft projects.
This twine has a break load of 67kg and a diameter of 1.5mm meaning its tough, durable and will hold substantial weight.
Henry Winning are the only BRC accredited twine manufacturer in the UK guaranteeing quality and high hygiene standards.
Our twines are supplied on blue plastic cores and are food safe.
Ideal for hand tying meats.
Supplied as a single spool

Weight 0.500 kg