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Gluten Free Medium Rusk 12kg

To produce gluten free sausages and burgers, simply use this gluten free rusk as a replacement for normal medium rusk.

When using this product we find that a reduction in the amount of rusk used is required compared to a standard sausage, we recommend approx. 30%-35% reduction with the balance being made up with water.

During the process of adding the rusk we would also recommend increasing the mixing time by a factor of 3 or 4 times as this is required to release the functionality of this rusk.

Please follow any of the recipes shown further down this page to give you a great gluten free sausage.

It comes in a 12kg sack

In addition to being completely allergen free (including gluten), Gluten Free Rusk contains 90% less salt than normal rusk, so it will reduce the salt content of the finished product too.

Weight 15 kg