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17.5″ Butchers Kamlok Stainless Steel Handsaw

17.5″ Kamlock Butchers Saw
Stainless steel frame with carbon steel blade.

Professional 17.5″ Butchers Hand Saw with blade for precision custom cutting.

17.5″ is from hole to hole. Total size of blade is 18″.
Total size of handsaw is 60cm

Ideal for use in butcher shops, supermarkets & abattoirs
Comfort Grip Handle made of non-porous, virtually indestructible plastic that repels meat acids, stains, and bacteria.
Handsaw frame is made from high quality hardened stainless steel
Precision alignment from grip to tip that makes the most exacting cuts smooth, clean, and effortless.
Kam-Lok Lever- Flip lock lever makes changing blades fast and easy, maintains the correct amount of tension at all times.